Michigan Student Caucus Hearing, April 22, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeff Kupperman (MSC Faculty Advisor)
The Platform Doc, with links to videos and proposal text, is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fIIF9isysVpAOKWbJOuJwdWUjpoSrpDAxd6EUek-UGc/edit?usp=sharing
PANEL: Ellen Zwarensteyn (Michigan Center of Civic Education)
Drew. This seems to be a well reasoned proposal (draw parallels to the common app) - aimed at both increasing awareness of options as well as reducing the barrier of individual schools. One caveat is about charters all together. The question I have for you is about the relationship between the universities who charter the schools, their boards, the state, MDE, and the individual schools. I would suggest that this is a cost the authorizer/chartering org provides the funding.
PANEL: Ellen Zwarensteyn (Michigan Center of Civic Education)
Also to include the public schools information in there as well.
PANEL: Rep. Donna Lasinski (District 52)
How do I raise my had
PANEL: Ellen Zwarensteyn (Michigan Center of Civic Education)
Dhruv - The story of the Detroit bus driver is front of mind right now. What considerations might be added on in light of public health concerns (I know its tangential to the expansion issue) but one that might be inclusive to ensure both the public health and public transit issue