Woll Family Speaker Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Kirin Saint
Thank you for this talk, I really enjoyed it. I’m a medical student and a lot of these concepts resonate with me and have been personally helpful (loving-kindness meditation, mind-body practices to be more balanced) but my question is how we can integrate these practices and values to take care of patients in a Western hospital such as Univ of Michigan.
Kirin Saint
That’s great, thank you both!
Vy T Tran Plata
Thanks again for this talk! My question has to do with the fact that there is potential for blame when we approach illness as an opportunity to reflect on what has been neglected. how do we balance the individual responsibility and that of the society when it comes to facing illness, if at all? For example, an individual may have neglected their health, and it's also possible that they may not have had the opportunity to live to their full potential due to environmental factors
Vy T Tran Plata
thank you🙏
Jacquelyn Miller
Thank you, Bhante! Wonderful talk.
Shama Mehta
Thank you!! 🙏🏽